Help with Dressing in Houston

Help with Dressing in Houston

If you have been providing care and support to a senior member of your family, you may realize that the duty doesn’t grow any lighter. If anything, it gets more demanding by day and may reach a point where your full attention is needed as your loved one starts finding everyday tasks such as bathing and dressing difficult going about.

This may be impossible if you have work and other important responsibilities to take care of. Furthermore, you may not live with your senior and they probably do not wish to switch homes for it.

The right caregiver from a reputable care agency will give your loved one the companionship and assistance they need when it’s near-impossible for you to provide the care.

What to expect with in-home care

For families that live away from their loved ones, in-home care provides the required makeshift presence of a family member to help with the daily dressing and grooming treadmill.

The right caregiver will care for your loved one like they would their own and give you peace of mind even when you’re miles away. Here are 3 things you should expect from an in-home care agency you’ve hired to help with dressing and related personal care of your parent or grandparent.

  1. Attentiveness
    You can tell if a care agency is attentive and wants to hear about your loved one’s concerns on the day you give them a call. If they ask you about your loved one’s age, health, preferences, desires needs and experiences, they are probably good enough to give a shot. An ear for detail not only shows an agency prioritizes their clients’ needs, but also enables them to choose the most suitable caregiver for your loved one.

  2. Conversations about hours and fees upfront
    It’s always nice to know if you can afford the services of a care agency before getting too far with negotiations. Most agencies have a daily minimum number of care hours. Find a care agency with reasonable charges and whose hourly fees decrease when you hire full-day or round-the-clock service.

    Also, billing should be directly to the administration and not to the caregiver to avoid compromising the lines between caregiving and business.

  3. Extensive caregiver training
    The training and qualification of the caregiver should conform to the care duties they have been assigned. Before inviting a caregiver to your home, ask if they have been given a background check and if they have in their repertoire training specific to the needs of your loved one.

    A good caregiver should at least be aware of the following:

    • That they should not undress someone completely unless they are bathing
    • That they should start with the weaker leg or arm when assisting to dress
    • Start with the stronger leg or arm when helping to dress
    • Clothing should always be suitable for the current weather

Find the right caregiver to help with dressing

It is normal to be extra cautious when choosing who to invite into your home to take care of your loved one. Christian Provider Service has in their ranks well-trained, compassionate and caring caregivers, with complete background checks and details of past assignments. Call us today to learn more about our services.