Bathroom and Grooming Assistance

Bathroom and Grooming Assistance Houston, TX | In-Home Care Services

Christian Provider Service is a licensed in-home care service providing bathroom and grooming assistance for elderly and disabled persons in Houston, TX.

When a loved one needs help with personal care activities like going to the bathroom or putting on undergarments, the situation can become awkward for family caregivers. One may feel embarrassed helping his or her own parent or grandparent to use a bathroom. In some situations, a loved one may not want a family member helping out with these sensitive activities.

At Christian Provider Service, we care for the elderly. We understand that many seniors are concerned about their dignity in addition to their independence. Personal grooming assistance carried out by a non-family member allows your loved one to maintain his or her dignity while receiving the help he or she needs to live a healthy and independent life.

We take pride in our ability to offer individualized personal care assistance that is uniquely tailored to meet the needs of our clients. We are devoted to helping seniors feel positive about their appearance through bathroom and grooming assistance.

Our friendly and compassionate caregivers provide excellent bathroom and grooming assistance with a gentle touch so as to reduce any embarrassment or discomfort. We are a reputable home care company providing personal care in areas such as:

  • Personal hygiene
  • Help with Bathing
  • Help with toileting
  • Eating assistance
  • Companionship
  • Help with dressing
  • Incontinence care
  • Respite care and more.

Why Choose Christian Provider Service

Our clients come to us because we have:


We have over 14 years of caregiving experience working with clients suffering from different conditions such as diabetes and dementia which enables us to adapt easily to any particular situation.


Our caregivers are fully trained to provide personal care assistance to the elderly and disable persons. In addition, we‘re a licensed home caregiver with a strong reputation as the best home care service company in Houston with deep Christian values.


We build a strong bond with our patients to enable us to provide individualized personal care assistance that meets your unique needs. Our compassionate caregivers have a good mix of empathy and attentiveness which helps in fostering a true relationship with your loved ones.


Patience is one of our strongest virtues. We understand that things may not go as quickly as planned and that there may be a little hesitation at times on the part of your loved one. That’s why we provide personal care with warmth and composure.

Effective communication

Our caregivers have good verbal communication skills and a positive attitude which allow them to communicate with you and your loved ones. We aim to keep our clients calm and comfortable through excellent communication skills

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