Help with Bathing in Houston

Help with Bathing in Houston

Loss of mobility, frailness and illnesses can make it difficult for elderly people to stick to the personal hygiene routines they adhered to for years. In-home care can assist you with the covering the needs of a senior member of your family.

Reasons to choose in home care to help with the bathing and grooming of your loved one

  1. Safety – In-home care allows your loved one to use the safety equipment installed at home such as non-slip carpets, grab bars and walkers, most of which may not be available or adequate in care homes.
  2. Personalized care - Unlike in care homes where admitted people are treated as a group following fixed rules that may not take into account personal needs and preferences, in-home care programs can be adjusted to your liking with your senior getting all the attention from the assigned caregiver(s).
  3. Easy to monitor – Most people dread the prospect of their loved one being abused at care homes, and rightly so. Caregivers may not be as responsible at care homes as they would within your home in your presence or in the watch of CCTV cameras. It is also easier to provide them with instructions on how to go about bathing your loved one, or correct them if you think they are doing something wrong.
  4. Caregiver burnout prevention – It can be overwhelming and exhausting for a caregiver if the person they are assigned to look after requires basic care on a 24-hour basis. You may need a break if you’re assisting with the bathing and grooming yourself. There is a possibility your senior needs a break from you too.

A professional in-home caregiver can temporarily fill in your place as you take a break from the care treadmill and attend to other important matters.

How to choose an in-home care provider for the cleaning and grooming of your senior

With news about abusive and undertrained in-home caregivers popping up every day, it is worthwhile to consider doing some research about prospective care agencies before hiring one. The following tips will help you find an agency you can trust with the safety of your loved one even in your absence:

  1. Check agency reputation before hiring – The past can always be used to predict the future when it comes to home care services. Visit review sites and see what clients have to say about the services of prospective agencies, and choose the agency with the most positive and least negative reviews.
  2. Inquire about caregiver background checks – Being choosy about who you allow to bathe and groom your loved one is right and totally acceptable. Consider agencies that background-check their caregivers as this helps you do a personal scrutiny of the caregiver they want to assign you.
  3. Ask about caregiver training – Undertraining is a major cause of the intolerance exhibited by abusive caregivers. What’s more, undertrained caregivers may not be in the position to perform first aid in case of an accident, depriving you of peace of mind while the caregiver is on duty.
  4. Ask to meet potential caregivers – Matching caregivers with clients may prove to be just as important as finding a credible care agency for your loved one. Your senior should be comfortable with someone they are going to have in their space and associating with on such an intimate level.

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