Senior accompaniment to doctor visits in Houston

Senior accompaniment to doctor visits in Houston, TX

Medical appointments for your senior can be a big inconvenience if it clashes with your schedule. Seniors with conditions such as dementia may particularly have you struggling to balance between the demands of your daily family life and the needs of your ageing loved one. You may be forced to miss the appointment or disrupt your schedule in what may either way prove to be a costly decision.

If you can't seem to decide on what to forfeit for the other, consider seeking the services of a care agency.

Why you need professional senior accompaniment to doctor visits in Houston

The simple answer to this is: because you don't have the time for it yourself. Here are more benefits and reasons why senior medical accompaniment services are worth giving a try:

  • The caregiver will ensure your senior is in time for the schedule and that they return back home safely.
  • Your loved one will receive much-needed emotional support during the rather stressing office visits.
  • You will be assigned a caregiver with special training if your loved one has dementia or any other condition that requires special care.
  • The caregiver will relay information to you if your senior is not able to grasp or remember their diagnosis or what the doctor may have said.
  • The emotional effects of medication on your loved one will be monitored both immediately after the appointment and for the foreseeable future if you want to keep the care agency's services.
  • The accompanying caregiver will pick up prescriptions and other instructions on your behalf and notify you about future appointments and other important information from the doctor.
  • Your senior will have someone to offer them immediate care after being discharged from hospital.

Our medical accompaniment services in Houston are available for ad hoc checkup visits, medical procedures, dental appointments, physical therapy sessions, hearing assessments, eye exams, annual physicals, psychiatric appointments and other appointments.

Choose Christian Provider Services

Dedicated care agencies ensure they assign specially trained aides for seniors with special illnesses to make the doctor visits as smooth and quick as possible. Perhaps, this is what sets Christian Provider Services apart from the rest of the care agencies in Houston.

Our aides are fully trained and will fully represent your senior right from the check-in process to navigating within the facility and checking out. They will ensure your senior is prepared both physically and psychologically before and during the appointment. If your help is needed, you will be put on phone to talk directly to the doctor.

Your concerns will be listened to and our services will be adjusted to suit the needs of your loved one. If the client has difficulty communicating due to an illness or cognitive disabilities, our aide will stay in touch with a family member from the beginning of the appointment to the end to avoid potentially costly miscommunications.

Call Christian Provider Service today at (800) 891-2184 and let us discuss your loved one's well-being. We are willing to create a special plan for you and give you the peace of mind you need while you are away attending to other matters.