Walmart Grocery Pick-Up for Seniors

There are more than 2 million elderly and disabled patients who rely on caregivers for home care. These caregivers are tasked with providing everything from housekeeping and meal preparation to medical assistance. They essentially keep their patients safe, healthy, and out of harm’s way. However, accidental falls still happen, and often, they’re caused when a patient attempts to leave the home and buy their own products without help. Luckily, Walmart’s Grocery Pick-Up is making it easier for caregivers to assist patients with out-of-home purchases.

Whenever a client needs new products, they just need to follow a few simple steps.
• First, they create a account. They can access their account online or via Walmart’s grocery app.
• They must enter their zip code, so they determine the pick-up location closest to their home.
• Next, they can shop and add things to their cart. However, it’s important to note that orders must total at least $30.
• Then, they’ll check out and pay, and they’ll reserve a pick-up time. Note, the available pick-up times will be for the next day and beyond. If your client has same-day needs, it’s best to figure out their list and head to the store to buy the items.
• The patient can indicate the name of the person who will pick up the order (the caregiver). From there, all that’s left is to pick up the order.

This function is helpful because it prevents patients from attempting store trips on their own, when they aren’t mobile or strong enough to do so. It also gives them more autonomy, by allowing them to select and purchase their own items. Additionally, it saves the caregiver the trouble of going back and forth to make lists and then visit stores. The caregiver can get exactly what the patient wants without any confusion, and then spend more time focused on in-home care.

If you’re looking for an easy way to support your patient’s autonomy while also preventing accidental falls, Walmart’s Grocery Pick-Up is the perfect solution.

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