The Dark Side of Caregiving

Although care giving can be one of the most rewarding jobs on the planet, it also has its hidden stresses and dangers. When someone puts so much time and effort into the wellbeing of someone else, it is very easy to lose focus and they soon forget themselves. Over time, this feeling builds up until they forget who they are and why they are doing what they’re doing.


Caregiver Identity Theory – In this theory, the burden of care giving is assessed in relation to the stressors. While some people find it incredibly easy to care for others, many actually struggle and it leads to stress and negativity.

Unfortunately, this isn’t a clear cut scenario in very rarely does someone fall to one end of the spectrum or the other; normally, they will be somewhere in between the two. Ultimately, there are a number of factors that can affect one’s happiness when caring for someone else including how the patient behaves, the sense of self-worth felt by the caregiver, and the relationship between the two parties.

Impacts of Care giving – On the positive side, many family members feel as though they are allowed to bond with a loved one after caring for them. In addition to this, many also feel a certain level of personal growth and a sense of pride that someone is relying upon them.

As mentioned, care giving can also have its negatives though and a recent JAMA Internal Medicine study showed just how damaging the effects can be. For caregivers, they are more likely to experience financial, physical and emotional difficulties while providing substantial care for a loved one than those who are not caregivers. Of course, there is also less time for personal activities and many struggle to balance care giving and a career. Shockingly, only one-third of all caregivers seek respite care.

Respite Care – When you are working all day and then caring for a loved one all evening, it can lead down a dark path which is why you will need to find home care in Houston. Before you start to feel overwhelmed and lonely, look into respite care because it will allow you some time to yourself while safe in the knowledge that your loved one is being looked after by a professional.

Whether it is for a few hours a day or even just half of the week, you can schedule a care giver to visit your loved one so you can do whatever you wish with your newfound spare time. With the loss of identity we previously discussed being a major problem, this is a fantastic solution. Regardless of where you fall on the spectrum, it is important to have some time to yourself so be sure to look for a provider service in Houston. By simply removing yourself from the situation every so often, you will find that you are able to provide a better care for your loved one and even focus better at work. If you want to relieve some of the weight from your shoulders, start the search today.

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