Home Care: How Caregivers Can help with Running Errands

How Caregivers Can help with Running Errands

Home care for the elderly provides the senior citizens with an opportunity to have the independence of living in their own homes as compared to being in an institution.  Having an elderly caregiver to assist them with their daily needs greatly improves their quality of life. Home care aides perform a variety of tasks such as meal preparation, grooming, cleaning, companionship and medication reminders. Apart from these primary tasks, a home care aide can also run errands on behalf of the elderly.


Common tasks such as grocery shopping, picking mails, taking laundry to the dry cleaners, etc. becomes burdensome, complicated and time consuming to the elderly folks. Having caregivers run errands on behalf of the seniors helps keep the seniors relaxed and free from the stress of having to plan for and execute all the required errands. It also gives their relatives peace of mind from knowing their loved one is well taken care of. Some of the errands that can be performed by the caregivers include;



Based on their state of health, age or other factors, travelling can be an extremely arduous experience for the seniors.  At this age, driving is risky for elderly clients since their vision is not as reliable as it once was. Having a caregiver drive them to their various destinations means they can attend to their issues without risking their lives driving. Caregivers perform a central role in ensuring seniors’ needs are attended to and improve their quality of life. Some of the places to which the senior may require to be transported to include attending Social events, Celebrations, air travel, doctors’ appointments, hairdressers/barber visits, etc.



Schedule Planning

A home care aide can also accompany the senior to doctors’ appointments, take notes and help them follow doctor’s orders. This is especially important for those that have started having memory loss. This way, relatives will not worry about their loved ones missing important doctor’ appointments.


Errand Services

Errands are endless and if left to them, the long list of things to be done can end up overwhelming an aging parent. Due to spending time with the senior, a home care aide best understands the needs of the person they are looking after. Consequently, they are at hand to run errands on their behalf as need arises. Tasks such as picking mail from the post, drop off services for dry cleaning/laundry, picking up prescriptions, returning library books, Package delivery, vehicle washes and service, etc. can be done by the caregivers. If the senior so desires, they can accompany the caregiver to some of the errands.



Going shopping can take anywhere from thirty minutes to hours based on distance to be covered and the amount of shopping that needs to be done. For the elderly it can take even longer, especially if they have trouble walking or with balance or have to take the bus. The process of shopping and carrying the shopping bags can lead to fatigue or injury from falling. A lasting solution to this would be to have the caregiver do the shopping on their behalf.





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