Home Care: Benefits of Aging at Home


Senior citizens have unique needs and need love, companionship, and understanding from those around them. This greatly contributes to their general well being. Despite the fact that many people would love to provide this love and support to their loved ones, day to day engagement of work, kids and time constraints cannot allow. Many families faced with these challenges are forced to look for alternative options to provide the necessary care to this vulnerable group.


There are several ways in which a family can continue with their schedules while still ensuring that their elderly relatives are well taken care of. One could move them into an institution such as a nursing home, engage independent caregivers or work with a Home care agency. Christian Provider Service is one such agency that provides home care services by taking care of senior citizens in the confines of their own homes. Home care at home has many benefits. Below are some advantages of aging at home for the seniors.


  1. Personalized Care

Home care allows the senior citizen to receive personalized care based on their needs and preferences in the comfort of their own home.  Home caregivers give the seniors undivided attention and can easily notice when something is amiss and notify the proper people.


  1. Continuity

Being institutionalized causes the seniors to have anxiety as they try and acclimatize to the new environment. Allowing mom, dad or grandparents to live in their home as they receive the much needed care gives them continuity, peace of mind and the comfort of being home. Having the freedom to continue with the activities they loved, surrounded by familiar faces such as neighbors could be therapeutic.


  1. Provides an ideal setting for recovery

For those that require hospitalization, hospital stays are an overwhelming and difficult time that leaves the individual feeling drained, fearful or even depressed. Receiving home care at home once discharged provides a welcome relief and is beneficial for faster recovery. Having a qualified home caregiver can also make recommendations on home modifications to ensure that the individual has a safe environment at home.


  1. Less Costly

Home care is less costly compared to institutionalized care. The cost of a private room in a nursing home is $85,775 while it costs $75,555 to pay for a semi-private room. Home health care costs an average of average $37,440 annually for eight hours or less of care.


  1. Accessibility to Family Members

While institutions have defined visiting hours and rules on how long visitors can stay, in home care setting, family members have unrestricted access to the seniors. This provides a greater opportunity to bond and interact.


  1. Independence and Sense of Dignity

Many seniors fear moving into nursing homes. This is because they fear losing their independence. Numerous studies on seniors have shown that nearly 90% of them prefer to age in their homes. Further, those who stay in their homes tend to live longer, and more productive lives.

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