Discussing Flu Shot with Clients

Discussing Flu Shot with Clients


In life, we know when certain things are going to come. Sadly, illness isn’t one of them, but we can do our part to protect ourselves in the shape of flu shots and other similar preventatives. If you are a caregiver on behalf of a home health agency in Houston, you should be advising your clients to get the flu shot whenever it becomes available.


Especially for older adults, the flu season can be a dangerous time starting in October and running all the way through to spring. According to the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), around 90% of all those who die during flu season are aged above 65 so this is an important time of year. With a simple flu shot, you can have your clients protected during the winter months.


Essentially, the injection will contain an inactive strain of the illness which will be injected into the body. After this, the antibodies build up over a period of around two weeks. Once the body has built this protection, it will be in a better position to fight any infections or viruses that come its way.


If you work for a provider service in Houston, you should make your clients aware of the shot as well as notifying them that they will only be protected from viruses that were contained within the shot itself. Normally, a flu shot will contain an influenza B virus as well as two influenza A viruses (H1N1 and H3N2).


During this time of year, elderly patients are normally given a higher dose of the vaccine because they are more susceptible to illness than the younger generations. When mentioning the topic, your client may suggest that they don’t need it because they had one last year. However, flu viruses occur each and every year so the vaccine that they had twelve months ago will not keep them protected over the coming months.




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