Home Care: Caregivers Helping Aging Parents with their Pets

What really happens when your parents are no longer able to cater for their pets because of aging? Well, there are various options that can help you and your aging parent to make the right choice because we do not want to have a painful separation between a pet and its owner. The likes of cats and dogs not only give a kind of joy to the elderly but have been clinically proved to also improve their health status. Some of the advantages are that there is a reduction in cholesterol, blood pressure, boredom, depression and anxiety.


It is a responsibility to maintain and care for pets and sometimes they might just need to be re-homed. An instance where the pet can no longer stay with its original owner, it might have to be moved to a restricted place like a nursing home or assisted living.

Below are a few tips to help in acclimation of pet relocation and pet management:


Hiring of pet service providers: If your parent finds it hard to take the dog for a walk or to have potty time, it would be ideal to hire the services of a dog walker.


Retirement community or assisted living: If your parent is already in assisted living or a retirement community, you can ask if the management can make any recommendation for you. Sometimes, fellow residents might have an established dog walker they use especially if it is a pet friendly community. If your parent’s pet is a cat, you could ask the dog walker if they provide services for other pets too.


In-Home Pet Care: You can try and find out if the community your parents live in has a social networking site like goneighbour.com or nextdoor.com in the neighborhood. You will find people who live around or within the area that provide pet services. It is better checking these sites on craigslist because it provides you options to get answers in the community, recommendation and get much more information about the person. Another alternative is to search for a company instead of an individual in your neighborhood like the company called Fetch! Pet Care. Although, this might cost a bit high, you might prefer to use the services of this kind of company.


Look for a volunteer: Are you or your parent a member of a church? A lot of churches provide volunteer services for their members. If there is a youth wing in your church, ask them if they provide teens summer or after school volunteer services. Volunteering shows the importance of giving back, teaches responsibility, builds character and strengthens character. Volunteers also go online searching with keywords like “volunteer for elderly people,” or provider services in Houston. There are so many programs in all areas which include pet care designed to help senior citizens.


Re-home to a close friend or family member: If your parent’s pet can no longer stay with them either temporarily or permanently, it would be better to move the pet to a close friend’s place or a family member’s house. Your parent would have peace of mind that their pet would be in good hands and you could even arrange visits, as well. Normally, it is advisable to try keeping the pet at a family member’s place but if it does not work out, then could try out with friends. If this option does not work out too, then you can consider a shelter. You can as well upload a good photo of your pet on a social media site like Facebook and state the reason why the pet needs a new and good home. This might be better for the animal instead of living in a cage at the shelter so they can get love and care from people.


No kill shelters/non-profit organizations for re-homing: Pets are known to be life-long commitments and it is not easy to break that commitment of though it must be broken. The owner of the pet might not have been able to show care for the pet over time due to illness, injury or an ailment but a separation might still be difficult. Before re-homing a pet to the shelter, make sure you must have exhausted all other options at first.


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