Home Care: Reasons to Hire an Older Caregiver


1. Experience: Adults, generally speaking, not only have many years of work experience, they have more experience in life. The bringing in of qualified or even the “over qualified” adults who are advanced should not intimidate managers who are much younger. What you should have in mind is how the older adult you employed would help your company do well. A couple of employers admitted they avoid employing older adults because of the presumption that they might not blend well with their bosses who are younger in age or even might not adapt well with a lower designation and lower salary. Most of the time, if an older adult is job hunting, it does not necessary mean he wants to take your job. They might have put all their issues in the past and having this kind of notion when hiring might actually make one miss a good opportunity.

2. Loyalty: It might be time and cash consuming to carry out trainings for staff and companies might even want employ those who would stay with them for a much longer time. This is where older adults come into the picture. Not only do they come from an age of employment loyalty but they would desire to work more years than you expected because they want stability. From studies, older citizens making a comeback claimed they planned staying with their employer for very long. In the case of the younger individuals, they change companies with the aim of going higher or getting a pay raise if it is offered elsewhere.

3. Work Ethics: Senior adults that are matured are likely to be more focused and will do everything possible even if it takes much effort and time to make sure the job gets done. From studies of Christian Provider Service a home care provider service in Houston, Texas, employees from the age of 50 and above will definitely show more perseverance and dependability. They know the reasons for being punctual, professional at the place of work and are not intimidated to intervene in a crisis at the office.

4. Flexibility of work: Most bosses like an employee who is flexible with their time at work. People like baby boomers will certainly have more flexibility since their kids are now grown with their household and family responsibilities reduced. Although, few employers feel older adults might because of stamina or health issues take more time off, research has shown it is not totally true. Health issues certainly arise with age but younger employees take time off too, but for different issues and can occur just like when older ones are off because of health issues.

5. Satisfaction of customers: Christian Provider Service conducted studies with home care attendants and discovered that older employees from 55 and above do better than the younger employees in terms of customer satisfaction. With the advancement of technology today, younger employees find it more comfortable sending and receiving information via email, text, etc. while the older ones find it easy to speak publicly and one on one interaction. Older age comes with a certain trust and charm that makes the older adults distinct.

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