Is My Loved One a Candidate for 24-Hour Home Care? | Houston TX

24-hour home careIs My Loved One a Candidate for 24-Hour Home Care? | Houston TX

24-hour home care

Determining whether or not your loved one needs 24-hour home care is easier with the help of caring professionals who specialize in caring for the elderly and disabled.  At Christian Service Providers, we can help you and your loved one determine if it is time for 24-hour help at home.  We understand the importance of properly caring for your loved one while remaining in the comforts of home.

Experienced Home Care Service

Our 24-hour home care service has a far-reaching system of in-home care service for you and your loved ones. Our number one goal is to help disabled and elderly individuals continue to live a healthy lifestyle by offering them the highest quality of home care services. To achieve this goal, we continuously equip our caregivers with the most current knowledge of special care services.

If you, a friend or a loved one is in need of a 24-hour round-the-clock in-home care service, Christian Provider Service is here to help. We bring to the table an unmatched level of customer service that can be rarely found in the industry. We strive to be a leader in our community by providing the highest quality of home care services to our clients.

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Expert Respite Care in Houston TX

respite care

Caring for a loved one daily can be challenging for family members.  At Christian Provider Service, we understand the toll constant care of loved one can take on caretakers and provide expert respite care services to give the family rest needed to continue to provide for their sick or aging loved one.

When Respite Care is Needed

The most cases where respite care is needed is when the family is the sole caregiver. Families are dedicated caregiver and there’s nothing else they would want rather than for their loved one to be well taken care of. However, no matter how dedicated family caregivers are, they would need occasional breaks to allow busy people options regarding other life activities. This is exactly the home care service we offer at Christian Provider Service – take over the responsibility of taking care of your loved one while you take time off.

Goal of Respite Care

The main goal of our respite care service is to encourage family caregivers to take time off to attend to other family needs or other commitments. You don’t have to worry about anything, as our caregivers are well-trained and can take are care of your loved ones just the way you want them taken care of. We have various levels of respite services ranging from a few hours to several weeks. You just let us know the number of days or weeks you’ll be off and we’ll take care of the rest.

Our services include Recreational activities, Light housekeeping, Exercises, and other in-home care services as required by the client. We generally offer companionship and caregiving services for persons who for certain reasons just want to get away from it all.

Need a break? Then contact us today! The Christian Provider Service staff will be more than happy to hear from you, as well as plan on the appropriate way to take the caregiving job off your shoulders.

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Top-Rated Post Hospital Care | Houston TX

Caring for your loved one after they return from the hospital can be challenging.  Hiring a provider who offers individual post-hospital care for patients is often necessary to guarantee your loved one will be well cared for when he or she returns home.

At Christian Provider Service, we have a unique post-hospital care service, which is designed to help individuals make a positive transition from the hospital to their home. This care begins with an interdisciplinary staff, which can include caregivers, therapist and nurses – all with one goal of helping manage your condition to avoid a return to the hospital.


  • Shopping
  • Dressing, showering and personal hygiene
  • Sleepovers
  • Respite care and supervision
  • One-on-one support in the home
  • And more!

We provide a wide of range of physical rehabilitation to help individuals reach greater independence in life. Whether it’s healing through physical therapy or just general help with transitioning at home, our caregivers can help.

All our home caregivers are professionals and are well-experienced in handling post-hospital care cases. Post-hospitalization recovery is never an easy process and can be very challenging at times, and it gets more difficult if you need to undergo physical rehabilitation or any of such related recovery measures.

Our experienced caregivers can take away most of the strain that comes with post-hospitalization recovery by providing a homecare recovery service that will aid the quick and complete recovery of the individual.

Some of the many reasons why you would need post-hospital care are if you’re recovering from heart complications, a chronic disease, cancer, pulmonary issues, a neurological problem, and pulmonary issues. Any of the above-mentioned conditions may necessitate post-hospital care for effective recovery.

We have highly skilled caregivers who deliver specialized care services to help you reach your goals as quickly as possible. Our aim is to provide you with the perfect post-hospital care services that will help you maximize your goals in the shortest period of time.

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How to Choose a Home Care Provider

Home care services for seniors are designed to support the wellness, safety, and independence of your elderly loved one or spouse in the comfort of their own home for as long as possible. In addition to providing assistance for basic activities of living, the caregivers are trained to engage the elderly in meaningful interactions that may include conversation and activities that enrich your physical, emotional, social, and mental wellbeing.

That said, there are some other factors that make Christian Provider Service standout from other home care providers, including:


Compassionate, Trained, and Experienced Caregivers

Our caregivers go through a meticulous selection process to ensure that their passion, personality, and attitude is right for the environment we want to create for our clients. Our caregivers are highly experienced and passionate about working with seniors, have good morals, and have great socialization skills to engage our patrons in sociable discussions that are both enlightening and uplifting for lonely souls.


Professionalism and Attention to your needs

Before signing you up as a client, a case manager will assess the senior’s specific care needs and then involve your assigned caregivers in creating an individualized plan of care that is unique to those needs. Though we provide non-medical services, your caregiver is trained to work with your team of highly skilled and experienced healthcare professionals, including your family physician, physiotherapist, pharmacist, nurses, and healthcare aides, depending on your needs.


Allowing you to live Independently for Longer

We understand that you may not be ready to move into assisted living. Christian Provider Service gives you the support and care you need at this time. Our services can also be beneficial to your family and friends by giving them some respite from caregiving.


Custom Care for your Independence and Dignity

Our quality, non-medical in home senior care services allow our clients to enjoy a more comfortable, safe, and independent life at home. Every client can tailor our services to fit their personal needs. Depending on your needs, you can opt for our shift services, whether you need minimal care of 2 hours a day or as much as round the clock, 24/7 assistance. Each option has its merits, and can be discussed further when you schedule an appointment.


Wide Range of Services

Contact us if you need companion care (protective supervision, shopping, respite, transportation, correspondence, and other non-medical services) or household care (cleaning chores, laundry, and other light housekeeping) or personal care (body care, medication reminders, dressing and grooming, positioning, total assistance, etc.).

We will help make your life easier and more comfortable at home.

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Walmart Grocery Pick-Up for Seniors

There are more than 2 million elderly and disabled patients who rely on caregivers for home care. These caregivers are tasked with providing everything from housekeeping and meal preparation to medical assistance. They essentially keep their patients safe, healthy, and out of harm’s way. However, accidental falls still happen, and often, they’re caused when a patient attempts to leave the home and buy their own products without help. Luckily, Walmart’s Grocery Pick-Up is making it easier for caregivers to assist patients with out-of-home purchases.

Whenever a client needs new products, they just need to follow a few simple steps.
• First, they create a account. They can access their account online or via Walmart’s grocery app.
• They must enter their zip code, so they determine the pick-up location closest to their home.
• Next, they can shop and add things to their cart. However, it’s important to note that orders must total at least $30.
• Then, they’ll check out and pay, and they’ll reserve a pick-up time. Note, the available pick-up times will be for the next day and beyond. If your client has same-day needs, it’s best to figure out their list and head to the store to buy the items.
• The patient can indicate the name of the person who will pick up the order (the caregiver). From there, all that’s left is to pick up the order.

This function is helpful because it prevents patients from attempting store trips on their own, when they aren’t mobile or strong enough to do so. It also gives them more autonomy, by allowing them to select and purchase their own items. Additionally, it saves the caregiver the trouble of going back and forth to make lists and then visit stores. The caregiver can get exactly what the patient wants without any confusion, and then spend more time focused on in-home care.

If you’re looking for an easy way to support your patient’s autonomy while also preventing accidental falls, Walmart’s Grocery Pick-Up is the perfect solution.

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